Refrigerant Depot, LLC

Refrigerant Services

 Refrigerant Depot, LLC uses EPA certified recovery equipment and cylinders. We will transport the recovered refrigerant from your location to ours in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations.

Our services include:

- Refrigerant Disposal

- Cylinder Evacuation

We are dedicated to providing our clients with dependable, economical and efficient refrigerant processing. Refrigerant Depot has built strong relationships with companies in the Southeastern WI area and is eager to earn your business. We are your facility of choice.

Refrigerant is processed and graded for purity, net weight is determined and a report is generated for your record keeping.


We process the following types of refrigerant

R-12 | R-22 | R-134A | R-400's Series 

All Mixes (Considered mix if less than 99.5% pure)​​: This type of refrigerant contains a mixture of air, oil, water, and particulates, but may also contain contamination from other refrigerants or solvents.

 For more information on refrigerant services please contact us at (414) 627-1152​​